Established and based in Belgium, 7DFIT has specialized for over 10 years in the research, development, production and distribution of health supporting products such as nutritional supplements, dietetic products, products for wellness and for the medical sector. Our products have been developed to be healthy, safe, efficient, convenient, easy to use and tasty.

Our research takes advantage of technological and scientific vigilance. For over 10 years, we have specialised in the development of innovative products especially dietary products adapted to the most famous diets such as protein diet, low calorie diet, diet based on a specific ratio between proteins, carbs & fat, low carb as well as sport and nutrition.

Our products are a way to prolong health and a good quality of life and well being. We are a proactive and innovative partner able to create ready to use, tasty and healthy food & snacks meeting the most stringent specifications according to each specific country’s regulations.


To fight against obesity, diabetes & cardiovascular disease and to improve people’s quality of life and well-being. To provide tasty, healthy food to help people find a balanced diet without suffering from taste fatigue and frustration. To offer the perfect balance between taste, convenience & nutrition.


Technological and scientific innovation: our research and development techniques enable constant quality improvement of our products. Collaboration with leading universities all over the world. Prevention & treatment – the consumer is our top priority in each market. We adapt our products to the tastes and traditions of each country.

“Our vision is to promote a good quality of life & well-being and to mitigate expensive public health costs.”