After several years of using products such as protein powder, pills and other kind of food supplement, I found a new label on the sport nutrition market: 7D Fit. Always curious when it comes to sport nutrition, I like to change from one diet to another one when I get bored by the lack of taste and don’t feel happy when comes the moment of taking a good protein break. With the huge range of products that 7D fit offers, I never get bored by the taste and always get the happiness feeling. The range is so TASTY and so great, that it offers me an infinite of variety that you won’t find anywhere else.

Dr. René M.D.

As a Doctor specialized in Nutrition for more than 20 years, I experimented the 7 D products as well as their efficiency with patients treated for obesity and diabetes type 2. The observance was excellent due to their convenience. They are really Tasty and easy to use. The success of the treatment is mostly due to their excellent taste and convenience for the whole family.


I suffered from overweight and obesity since I was young and I tried many treatments and none of them worked. The most complicated was the taste and the fact that they were too restrictive. Until I found the 7D Fit’s products. It was the first time I discovered tasty, healthy products such as: Bars , chips, smoothies , chocolate and other meals. Oh my god those products are so tasty, it’s unbelievable! Since then, I lost 30 kilos with pleasure and without frustration, with a positive effects on my metabolism and no more diabetes or cholesterol. And I have so much energy without any muscle loss, thanks 7D Fit.


I come from a family suffering from obesity, which means I controlled my food intake my whole life. Since I discovered the 7D Fit’s products, this is now my daily healthy snacks and food. They are so tasty, I can’t spend a day without them. 7D Fit products are now my best health and sliming partner: I lost 10 kilos and my weight has remained stable for more than 1 year!